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Solar for All

Tesla is Buying Solar City and Everything is About to Get Better

We are pretty excited about the Tesla-Solar City merger and here is why.

We just started working with the leading solar company in the
world and are super excited about it because we’re offering
people a way to save money every month without having to pay a dime
upfront, and it is the absolute right thing to do for the planet and
our children’s future.

Going solar is simpler than you might think. It all starts
with a free consultation with SolarCity. They will look at your home
from a satellite and then prepare a customized proposal that shows you
exactly how much money you might be able to save from day 1; how
much money you’ll save over the lifetime of your system; and, how much
good you’ll do for the environment. They explain everything in about 30
minutes and it’s all free. Interested?

Click here to learn more and see if you qualify for a free consultation.

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