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How to run a great Facebook ad campaign in five easy steps

Recently we launched a Facebook campaign for one of our clients that garnered more than 2100 new leads in less than seven days and saw double the effectiveness of the average campaign on Facebook. Here is how we set it up.

Step 1.  Look at "Moments of Truth" 

Who has purchased our product in the past and what were the specific
circumstances that led them to buy?  These "moments of truth" are clues
to the messages that might appeal to our ideal audience. What do these people have in common?  What are the main reasons they were open or interested in what we have to

Step 2.  Select ONE Ideal Client.

Even though the product might appeal to a dozen different types of people, we chose one person and get very specific about who they are and where they might hang out.  This is our "avatar."  In our example, our avatar is a woman of color between 40 and 60 years old who is professional, into personal development and who wants to up level how she looks.  We named her Shauna.

Step 3.  Select Three Messages to Test.

We have only 25 characters in a Facebook Ad--so through trial and error (i.e. testing) we need to find a headline that works.  Shauna's mindset is key to the message that will catch her eye. We pick a headline that appeals to Shauna's most pressing interest or problem.  We are lucky because Shauna is interested in self-development so we market a quiz that tells her something about herself.

Step 4. Select Three Images to Test.

We need images that attract the eye AND have something to do with our topic.  Cute animals  won't work here for us, so we choose smiling open-hearted people that remind us of Shauna.  

Step 5. Test and Select.

Three headlines x three images = 9 ads to test.  We test each of the nine ads with a $30 spend, targeting places where Shauna hangs out, paying attention to stats.  We  pick the one that works (i.e. converts to prospects giving you their email).   If none of these ads work, we go back to step one.

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