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The Rise of Self-Publishing

Disrupting the Traditional Publishing Industry

If you are an author/expert who has encountered roadblocks when trying to publish using traditional publishing houses, you are not alone. There are BIG changes afoot in the publishing industry. The major publishing house's share of the market is shrinking substantially…so they think growth in print and ebooks are “declining” … except they are wrong. Amazon sales are up dramatically largely due to the rise of self-publishing, and now even well-known authors consider changing their strategies to exclude or marginalize the major publishing houses.

According to the Author Earnings Report issued in February, the top five publishers have seen their share of the ebook market collapse: . "In two short years, the market share of paid unit sales between indie and Big 5 ebooks has more than inverted. The Big 5 now account for less than a quarter of ebook purchases on Amazon, while indies are closing in on 45%."  

Feb 2016 Author Earnings Report

Publishing is in the midst of fundamental , irreversible and profound disruption due to social media and online publishing options.

What does this mean to you if you are looking to publish your book?

First,  traditional publishers aren't in a position to take a risk on you unless you already have a demonstrated following of thousands.  If you want to go the traditional route, you will be in a much stronger position to present to publishers AFTER you demonstrate market successes and “reach" to thousands of followers who love you.

Second, because of this, the path to traditional publishing will often include self-publishing and self-promoting as a step on the journey.  And there are many awesome ways to do that. There wonderful self-publishing (ebook and print-on-demand) options available and success requires (at some point) knowing WHO will buy your book in the very first week and getting in touch with them ahead of time. So start gathering emails and social media followers even as you write your book.

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