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Why Frogs?

How Product Frog got its name

Some may wonder why we would name our company "Product Frog"?  Sure, leaping ahead makes sense, but really...  what is it about frogs that intrigues Carol and I?  So I thought I would share why we chose the humble frog as the symbol for our company. 

First, frogs start small.

This past spring this became so obvious when (in the midst of California drought) frogs descended upon our tiny garden pond and deposited hundreds of eggs.  Not every tiny egg is going to make it into a frog. But there are so many that surely some will make it given the right environment.  This is true for those hundreds of ideas we create too.   The key is creating the right environment so they can grow.

Second: frogs play a unique role in an eco-system.

Frogs are an indicator species.  If they are healthy then the system is too.  They provide a beneficial role in the system both in the pests they eat and in their very being.  I have a special love for frogs because if they are doing okay, we are too... and they do not need to do anything particularly special to be amazing.  They just need to exist.

Third: frogs are symbolic of transformation. 

In fact they are one of the few species that have both an aquatic life and a land based life.  When they emerge from their protective egg, they are barely distinguishable from fish.  By the time they are fully grown, they have grown limbs, lost their tail, breathe air and live primarily on land.  They are the life form that can most symbolize phase change.  Phase change itself is amazing too: lots of energy goes into a system and then suddenly a shift takes place.

Finally: frogs are incredible.

We think that any innovator who believes in the concept of a triple bottom line is too. You are changing the very fabric of the system you are in. We love frogs and we love you. :-)

Frogs need humans to wake up and start restoring ecosystems, reversing climate change and create a just, sustainable economic system.

- Denise

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